Dermefface FX7™ Scar Reduction Therap


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Reduce the Appearance of Your Scar (& the Effect it Has On Your Confidence!) Beginning in Just 4 Weeks!

There are two kinds of scars – those on your body and psychological kind.

If you’re wearing the former, you may be familiar with the second kind of scar. And perhaps you’ve concealed your scarring with clothing or make-up.

Skinception® believes everyone should feel attractive and proud of the skin they’re blessed with.

Which is why we’re pleased to offer Dermefface FX7™ Scar Reduction Therapy. Otherwise known as an eraser of scars…

Fade Your Scar Naturally:

Dermefface FX7™ Scar Reduction Therapy is a natural process that works with the body’s regular 28-day regeneration process – sloughing off dead skin cells that are replaced by newer skin from below…

Clients using Dermefface FX7™ report:
Being a natural process, Dermefface FX7™ is designed to work with your skin, with a specifically formulated healing elixir of 7 clinically proven active agents…

  • faster wound healing
  • discoloration fades
  • scars are flattened & smoothed
  • scars are reduced

…and gentle botanicals, fruit enzymes & natural exfoliants that can make your scar fade beginning in just 4 weeks!

Different Origins, Same Result: Scars Fade.

Dermefface FX7™ fades scars of many different origins. This means there’s hope for scars from:

  • acne
  • burns
  • hypertrophy
  • chicken pox
  • surgery
  • and more!

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